Everything on our website personally delivered, installed and setup in your own home by our professionals.

About Us

Hi, I'm Jim Whitelaw.  I was born and bred in Macduff, but now live in Cullen.  I have loved computers every since I got my first Sinclair Spectrum in 1982.  There really isn't much that I can not make a computer do.  I also know what is worth paying for and what is not, so I am ideally placed to offer you the best all round solution for your needs.  Personally, I rarely buy new computer equipment as professionally refurbished equipment is virtually like new, but with a huge discount.

In addition to supplying and setting up your equipment, we are able to offer installation and  training on most popular software packages.  We are particualrly strong on MS Office and database software.  We can also offer training to staff on a seminar basis.

This is my home workstation.  It looks like it will cost the earth, but is very affordable if you know how to set it all up.  That's where we come in. 

Everything we sell, we come to your home and set it up for you.  Full satisfaction is guaranteed before we leave your home or a full refund.

Unless specifically mentioned, most of our equipment is professionally refurbished equipment, which you will rarely be able to distinguish from brand new equipment.  Some of the equipment may never have been used before, but simply overstock or surplus to requirement.. Either way, we only pick A1 quality equipment to refurbish and every item carries a full 1 year replacement guarantee.